How Soft Tissue Lasers Enhance Dental Care

laser dentist AlbanyWhen you think of lasers, it might conjure images from science fiction. The truth is that there are many uses for lasers in medical treatments, including dentistry. Soft tissue lasers are used in dental treatments like gum reshaping, biopsies, and exposing impacted teeth. Our laser dentist utilizes soft tissue lasers to reduce invasiveness and discomfort.

Soft tissue lasers open tissue without the need for scalpels. They can also seal tissue without the need for suturing. When patients receive laser therapy in dentistry, they enjoy accelerated recovery times compared to conventional treatments that require cutting and suturing soft tissue. The downtime for laser therapy is significantly shorter than traditional oral surgeries.

Following are a few treatments that our laser dentist offers.

Gum Reshaping/Recontouring

Sometimes the gingiva can develop too much, causing an excessive overgrowth of the gums over teeth. Soft tissue lasers can reshape the gum line and create a more harmonious aesthetic. Since laser therapy doesn’t require cutting into tissue and suturing, this form of gum recontouring is less invasive and more comfortable for patients.

Tissue Biopsies

As with any tissue, biopsies are sometimes necessary. Soft oral tissue like the linings of the cheeks and lips as well as the tongue and gums can develop abnormalities that might be malignant. Instead of relying on scalpels, lasers can be used to biopsy tissue. Once tissue is biopsied, it is evaluated by pathologists who look for abnormalities on a cellular level.

Canker Sore Relief

Canker sores can be unsightly and uncomfortable. If a person has a slow-to-heal canker sore, our team might recommend laser therapy. Soft tissue lasers can expedite the healing process of a canker sore and decrease a person’s discomfort associated with these lesions.

Exposing Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment

Tooth transition is the period where adult teeth replace baby teeth. Sometimes adult teeth become impacted, which means they are stuck in the gums and jaw. Exposing an impacted adult tooth can help orthodontic appliances guide it in to place. A soft tissue laser is great for opening the tissue that keeps a tooth from emerging.

Our practice offers the latest technology in dentistry to improve oral health and promote comfortable treatment. Call DeSanti Family Dentistry today to reserve an appointment with our laser dentist.

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