Dental Insurance Insights

DeSanti Family Dentistry has prepared this document to help patients better understand the complexities of dental insurance. We appreciate just how confusing it can be. To begin, we would like to highlight a universal misconception: dental insurance was not designed to pay for all dental care. Most contracts have limits and/or varying degrees of patient co-payment.

All levels of payment by insurance companies, including allowed fees, usual and customary (UCR), are governed by the premiums paid. They have nothing to do with the actual charges. At DeSanti Family Dentistry, our fees are based upon a combination of our costs, our time, and our constant dedication to supplying our patients with the highest quality dental care. The treatment recommended in our office is never based upon what your insurance company will pay. Your dental treatment should not be governed by your insurance contract, but rather by the factors that you and your doctor deem necessary for you to achieve optimum health.

Taking this information into consideration, it should be understood that the dental insurance contract is between the insurance company and the patient, who bears the ultimate financial responsibility.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please take the time to review your individual insurance contract thoroughly so we may best serve you. As always, please feel free to ask any staff member of DeSanti Family Dentistry for clarification on services, billing, and insurance.

Dental Financing Solutions with GreenSky Loan Program

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