What is laser dentistry?

laser dentist Albany NYLaser dentistry is a remarkable technology that enhances patient care by reducing invasiveness and accelerating the healing process. Our laser dentist utilizes this technology to perform a number of treatments including gum recontouring, tissue biopsies, and tooth exposure for orthodontics. We also employ lasers to perform frenectomies and treat canker sores.

Why are lasers used in dentistry?

A laser is a concentrated beam of light. A number of medical providers use lasers, such as those who perform eye surgery or cosmetic procedures. When it comes to dentistry, lasers have diverse applications – particularly for the removal of soft oral tissue. For example, a dentist might use laser therapy to treat gum disease or to remove gingival tissue to correct a “gummy” smile.

One aspect of laser therapy that patients enjoy is a less invasive procedure. Lasers can open tissue without the need for a scalpel. Similarly, a laser can seal tissue and eliminate the need for sutures. A laser’s beam also kills pathogens, which is useful for preventing post-operative infections.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers a number of advantages to patients. Since lasers reduce invasiveness, patients experience faster recovery times after treatment and less swelling which can cause discomfort. Other benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Reduced post-operative bleeding
  • Decreased risk of infection
  • Less damage to tissue near treatment sites
  • Faster healing times and potential tissue regeneration

What is gum recontouring?

Gum recontouring or reshaping is a procedure that removes excess gum tissue. An overgrowth of the gingiva can prevent proper exposure of teeth. It can also decrease the aesthetic of a smile. Lasers are used to remove and reshape excess tissue.

Are lasers safe?

Yes, lasers are approved by the FDA for use in a number of dental treatments.

Our practice is proud to deliver excellent care with advanced technology. Call DeSanti Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with our laser dentist.

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